Thor is striking his anvil

Bliksem en donder, het behoort altijd tot de spannende momenten op een camping. Meestal gaat alles goed, maar soms...
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Be running up that road, Be running up that hill

Beautiful city of Rovinj

Happy Elephant Day. 12 augustus World Elephant Day 2018

Spomenik palim borcima i žrtvama fašističkog terora

Seagulls waiting for some food. Boattrip at the Adriatic Sea

Mooie plek voor mijn dagelijkse meditatief momentje

Never use a bird for navigation (because you will get lost )

Pula, send in the gladiators

Sun is setting down in Novigrad

Some sunny day with a smile on my face

Little town of Umag

This run felt like a semi-marathon. It was only 4,4 k